Promoting a new product or business

Bringing a new product to market can be a daunting task – how do you set a budget without knowing how much you’ll make in return? How do you market the product, do you stick to bricks & mortar retail or do you venture online.

Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve at least aknowledged online marketing, and this is a big step. You are reaching a much larger market than you ever could by advertising in your local town, county or even country, but it’s not as easy as just getting a website online and reaping the rewards – in fact, if you’re just entering the game now, chances are you’re going to need to put in a lot of work, or at least offer up a budget for someone else to do the work.

Whether you choose to have a fully fledged website, or just a Social media profile such as Facebook, or Twitter, you’re going to have to do some form of promotional work to get these pages found by your target audience.

Perhaps the most common way to do this, and, when done correctly, the most effective way to do this, is to employ someone to carry out SEO work on your website or online presence, whether this be tailoring articles and on-page content with search engines in mind, or building quality, contextual, and most importantly, organic links to your website, SEO is one of if not THE most important factor in launching a new web presence.

Many people pay thousands to have new websites built, only to let them stagnate – if you aren’t showing any interest in your website, then it is quite likely your potential customers won’t care either, so make sure you regularly update your website, offer promotions, new products, change up your product images and keep it looking fresh and appealing.

So you have a website, or social media pages, but you also have a store in your local town, did you know that online marketing can drive you new business through both channels? A knowledgable digital marketing expert will be able to build up local citations, driving traffic to your website from people in your area, as well as sending new customers to your shop Рif you want to find out more, it is worth looking up services such as Google My Business which can quite literally put your business on the map.

Perhaps one of the fastest ways to get your new product out there, albeit not the most effective for converting new business, is to run an online competition on the likes of Facebook or Twitter, offering people the chance to win your product in return for sharing your page, post, or offer – these type of competitions can work well, but can also flop, so be careful to set a specific goal, whether that be 1000 page likes, or something else, otherwise you may end up with 1 – 2 entrants and having to give away hundreds of euros in merchandise for little to no return.

Remember, your town may be a big place, but the internet is much, much bigger, never disregard internet marketing.


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